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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the disney awards!

Now for the disney song awards! Of course, this is just my OPINION. So... Deal with it. Lego!

Villian songs (the only requirement is it being sung by the villains): poor unfortunate souls, friends on the other side, mother knows best, be prepared, love is an open door

Winner: love is an open door. It's really catchy, a love song and Hans villian song. Three in one!

Love songs (you can probably guess the requirement for this category): bit of a fixer upper, at last I see the light, a whole new world, I won't say I'm in love, can you feel the love tonight, beauty and the beast,

Winner: I won't say I'm in love. It's good, and only sung by one half the couple, which I kinda liked. Also includes backstory on Meg's character.

exposition songs (tells you a bit more about the characters and/or explains things so you know what's going on in the story): when will my life begin, do you wanna build a snowman, belle, one jump, almost there, I just can't wait to be king

Winner: tie! almost there because it's pretty uplifting and highlight how hard a worker Tiana is, belle because it explains her character and how outcast she is and different and finally when will my life begin, because it's the most important song in that movie, setting it all up and filling you in on everything

Intro songs (these introduce the movie without actually explaining what the characters are doing  or things that are happening): Arabian nights, frozen heart, circle of life

Winner: Arabian nights, especially since it's sung by some random character you don't know who it is. He also has a combination hooka and coffee maker. Plus, it does fries!

Side character songs (these songs, while allowing the main character to be in the song, are over 3/4 of the time sung by someone who isn't the main character): I've got a dream, friend like me, girl worth fighting for, in summer, be my guest, zero to hero, Hakuna Matata, Prince Ali, make a man out of you

Winner: another Tie! Friend like me because it's catchy, fun and uplifting and the song make a man out of you because well... Uplifting, funny and shows Mulans transformation. Also, Shang.

Those are my choices. Anyone else have one?
Raven DeWitt

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