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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

cinder book review

So, I finished cinder about forever ago, and have been meaning to review it while I've had no time due to... Well, the fact that I actually got a life. Weird how that works, huh? I mean, this is me. Me, Raven, teenage nerd, blogger and pretty much everything else that proves you don't have a life wrapped up into one huge blob. Seriously. But, glitchy online courses and a Baka of a person doing them, robotics, and of course, regular homework and life stuff. But here I am. And here's cinders review.

Plot: Cinder just wants an out. She wants to leave, for Europe or somewhere, away from her stepmother and stepsister, away from being treated like she's less than human because she's a cyborg (human with metallic upgrades due to injury), away from her prison of a life. But she has two things keeping her here: peony, her nice stepsister (the one she wants to leave is pearl) and all the money she makes going into Adri, her step moms account. Then she meets prince Kai, who wants her to fix an android. She's the best mechanic in new beijing, she should be able to. After agreeing, however, Peony breaks out with the plague and her stepmom signs cinder up for plague research. Where she's found immune. Immunity could save the life of the emporer -dying- and her sister. She hatches a plan to get away, by fixing up an old gasoline car and leaving as soon as they find a cure. But her immunity isn't what she thinks and Prince Kai keeps popping up and asking her out. He has his own problems too; working out a truce with the evil Lunar queen who threatens war and only ever wants marriage to an Emporor like Kai will soon become.... *HALFWAY-ISH POINT, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! ;p* Cinders immunity is due to her being lunar, a cruel race that can make people believe whatever they want them too. And Kai's android is researching it's lost princess, thought dead to redeem her people. But someone else knows. And the Lunar queen only wants marriage to Kai, refusing any other angle to peace, with an enticing offer; a cure to the plague. Too late, as the Emperor already died, leaving Kai to inherit the position. Along with the Emperors death comes Peony's. Cinder is broken and consentrates only on getting away from her life before realizing she's the lunar princess. But she doesn't want the responsibility, and Kai keeps on trying to get her to go to the dance. He can't know. But the lunar queen wants him too, and she has to protect him. She goes to the ball, where he's going to announce his marriage to the lunar queen, for peace and confronts the queen herself, to get the marriage off, save Kai and, eventually, getting herself arrested.

Thoughts: exciting, heart wrenching, and I totally predicted everything. But it was very emotional, especially the racism against Cyborgs (for no reason) and lunars (for a viable reason), mostly cyborgs though, making me thing it'd be an amazing book to read in a school setting and do a project for. It was also exciting, moving from one big part to the next, and I totally loved it. The universe was also amazing, and very fun to visit. I'm hoping scarlet will be just as good.

Rating: 5/5. Added to my list of favorite books (I think I have about 99999999999999 in first place already, so one more shouldn't be too bad ;p)

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