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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey! Sorry about yesterday's post, I had bloggers block. It's kinda like writers block, but o have to do it every single day and find more YouTube videos and stuff that's appropriate and when I want to show pictures my iPad won't let me. DX! It's kinda super duper annoying. I prefer writers block cause then I can watch superwholock and play video games until I'm tired enough to write the next chapter, to back the next day and fix it and I'm over with. Bloggers block, I have to do the same exact thing ever single day. And my life is very boring. Blogging would be so much easier if I was sherlock, Watson, a doctor or a companion. I wonder if the doctor cule sonic a laptop or iPad so I could still post every day. Or if I was a hunter, that blog would be exciting. Everyone always wonders how Sam always gets wi-fi, and someone suggested that he could have a wifi hotspot thingy. I have a better idea; yeah, the wifi hotspot thing makes sense but what if a part of his psychic crap is HE EMMITS A WIFI SIGNAL. DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL THAT WOULD BE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Totally unrealistic, but then again, demon blood giving you psychic powers doesn't normally happen. Well, it does, but not to a lot of people. So, why can't he be a wifi hotspot? And then there's the salt. Okay, so, salt hurts demons, they can't cross salt lines, bunkers coated in salt is a no entry zone. Demons plus salt is burning pain. French fries have salt on them. And yet in one episode Ruby the demon asked for French fries like ten times. But French fries have salt on them and demons can't have salt! O.o parrrraaaaaaaaddedooooooooxxxxxxxxxxx. Then we watched Simon birch in ELA. Well, part of it. And in it, a person dies. Because someone hit a baseball that went and hit their head. Everyone was all crying and like its so sad, she just died and me and my friend were sitting there laughing debating about whether a baseball could really kill a person. Cause like really? Make the death like.... Not pathetic. If that happened to my mom, I would be laughing or sitting there embarrassed. I love her, but dude, ITS A BASEBALL. A FREAKIN BASEBALL. Really? Come, jump on the bandwagon to crazy town. I'm a lifelong resident who takes occasional vacations to animeland and Disney world. Lets not forget hogwarts and camp half blood. 
Deep in he loony bin
O.o o.O
Raven DeWitt

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