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Monday, October 14, 2013


Okay, so yesterday I was watching supernatural on Netflix and I finally met cas. The Cas. Castiel. Finally! My friends and fellow supernatural fans are all pretty obsessed with him if they've gotten that far. Probably because he's an awesome angel, the only good character who's a Christian and he totally has like all of the Christian stuff right so far. Angels are actually warriors is my favorite one, mostly cause I'm still pissed about visiting the Muslim temple thingy in seventh grade. Yeah, that's a lllloooooooonnnnnngggggg grudge. If you haven't heard that story, Ill tell you about it later. I really hated that. So anyways, there are two (or now well, three) supernatural episodes that in my opinion, we Christian-y/ish. First of all was the actual Christian episode with the priest. Where Sam believed but then he didn't and dean didn't believe but then he did. Then there was the one where the guy Witt he gift of healing choose dean a first time non believer to heal rather than like a gazillion other people. Then there's cas rescuing dean from hell on a mission from god. The last two times the person specifically told dean that god told them to save dean because dean had a mission to do. Cause Deans just that amazing and perfect. And I hate how they always talk about what terrible things the hunters do, or those ghosts saying you could've saved me if you had just ________ in the season three episode two. I like the name, "God, are you there? It's me, Dean Winchester" or sometching like that. Anyways, the ghosts seriously pissed me off. They're saving people, why would they go to hell for that? Just like the episode with the jinn. Changing a big detail and... It sucked. It wasn't how there life was, how it should be. They saved people, people got to live long and happy lives and they're lives are better than what they would be like if they weren't hunters. And for the ghosts, can't they get a thank you? Oh, you know killed a demon, sorry that you died, but what was he supposed to do? Soot the demon in a hospital? And then call a nurse to heal her? "Nurse, can we borrow this room, we need to perform an exorcism". Or maybe they could just not exorcize the demon at all. Let her kill a bunch of other people. Can't they get a thank you for saving all those people's lives? No, we just saved half the continent, don't thank us or anything. I'm a wanted fugitive for helping people, going around the country saving lives, not that I would enjoy a little appreciation. People, what the heck was he supposed to do? Psychically figure it all out? Stupid ghosts. And they refernced cas in an earlier episode, the which one! Like half a season before you meet him! Sorry if I posted any spoilers, I don't think I did but I might have and if so I am sooooo sorry!
Raven DeWitt

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