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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Never the same

Hi! So, I'm supposed to be cleaning my room right now... Oops! I mean, I was, but then I got side tracked and then I though it was mean to make you wait forever for my new post. Cause we all know you guys just live for my posts ;p. Anyways, today at church Troy Evans spoke. He runs a church in Grand Rapids and used to be part of a gang. He's a pretty good speaker. He spoke at a church camp I went to a few years ago, NTS or never the same. I loved that camp. I think it was the best camp I've ever been too. It was amazing and perfect, and if I could relive any week it would be that one. Okay, while it was good lessons and had fun games and it was a nice campus with good food and the schedule was good, my favorite part of the whole thing was my friends. I loooovvvvvvveeeeedddddd my friends there. I mean, if I didn't have any friends there it would've been amazingly fun too. But my friends were epic. My favorite part was free time which was usually spent with my friend Ron. Aka my church crush. I haven't seen him in more than a year, other than a few weeks ago. And that wasn't even closes to talking to him. I miss him DX. Well, all that is gold doesn't last. I wish it did. Anyways, I don't even remember what we talked about the whole entire time. I just remember sitting there talking. I swear it was the best time ever. I played gags ball with him a lot. And it was super fun! I sound like a broken record, but I loved it. It was fun and we talked and hungout and it was perfect. Then on the last day it was raining. I was wearing my gym shorts and a team USA sweatshirt, from the Olympics whatever year. It was raining and I was out in the rain dancing like an idiot with all my friends and it was so fun. Well, friends other than Ron who was boring and sitting inside. I was dripping wet when I went in for the lesson. I sat in the isle and since I was dripping I sprayed water on a few of my friends. Then we went on the bus and I wasn't sitting by anyone. Anyone at all. So Ron came up and sat by me. I mean... It was kinda cute and super sweet. I know, I'm cheesy. It was in Indiana and we had to come back to Michigan so it was like a three hour bus ride. The kid who sat behind us was an annoying loud kid who is a few years younger than us. We were like "oh no, he's going to be annoying the whole bus ride." And he had pop so Ron was super worried about that. He thought he would be even worse than usual, but he crashed for almost the whole ride, till the last hour or so. Throughout the bus ride we watched lord of the rings three; the return of he king. It kept on skipping but it was fun. Me and Ron talked about the fantastic four and xmen movies. I hadn't seen the first fantastic four and he hadn't seen any of the xmen. Then when the annoying child woke up and it was in the end of the movie, so it was when there were all the icky kissing sciences and emotional scenes that took like five hours. Whenever two people (including guys) were really close, like hugging or whispering into someone's ear he would yell "kiss him! Kiss his ear!" And stuff like that. It was really annoying and when the leader finally told him to shut up I told Ron I regretted not saying "nobody cares about what you and your boyfriend do." I wonder if that would've shut him up. It was fun and it started on my brothers birthday and we got home at midnight after my dad's birthday. I loved it. And it's silly the little stupid cheesy details I remember. I mean, let's face it, through this whole post most of this stuff people wouldn't remember for two years. I guess people would. But, I mean, it's cheesy stupid sweet details that aren't important. I think about it a lot though. Whenever I'm wearing my shorts or USA swearshirt or watching fantastic four or dancing in the rain like an idiot or Troy Evans speaks or there's something about his church or sometimes it's just a random moment in time I remember the camp and I keep thinking about it, because while I may be a tomboy sometimes my brain can just be a crazy stupid romantic. And I guess the camp was right
I was never the same
Raven DeWitt

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