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Friday, January 17, 2014

For the first time in forever.......

Hey. For the first time in forever, EXAMS ARE OVER. Well, mostly. Like that guy who's mostly dead in the princess bride. One exam left. One. And, my friend who took the class a year or two ago says it's easy. Easy peasy pudding pie. Whew, yay, mwahahahahahahahahahahaha, yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! I don't know my results for other classes, but in Japanese I only got two questions wrong, and it was matching, so they aren't worth as much sand whew. Makes sense though, cause I'm wearing my captain America sweatshirt and feeling fabulous! Totally think of hishe whenever I say that.... I'll show you the video tomorrow! So, today, after school, I am going tot he mall with Mel, my parents and my grandparents to have dinner in the food court then go see frozen. Yay! Me and Jessie decided she's Ana and I'm Elsa. It makes sense. I can totally relate to Elsa, but my socially awkwardness and clutzy-ness are more of a Ana level. But hey, I like Elsa. Someone on Instagram said they saw it and almost started crying in the beggining because they were worried that would happen to her and her sister. I get the feeling. I saw that and it made me feel sick with sadness like what if that was my brother? I don't know who it would be worse to be. Ana, her best friend all of a sudden leaves and she doesn't see her for years, but she's right there. She begs her to come and play, but eventually, she just gives up on her. She's all alone for years, wondering what she did. Why does it have to be that way? Or Elsa, knowing she's making her sister, her best friend feel that way, but she can't make it stop. Because she will hurt her sister, her sister could die if she comes out and plays. Sitting there, day after day for years knowing that. And then, she knows when it stops, that Ana has really given up on her. Depressing. Ah, well, anyways, happy no exams! :)
The snow queen
Raven DeWitt

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