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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Happy Wednesday! Wow. It's Wednesday. Everyone's hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but I don't think it's cold or icy or snowy enough. Got seats in class which was nice, and we watched a movie in science. Gattac or whatever, about faking DNA and space travel and stuff and there's lots of shirtless guys and we had the awesome sub I had in ELA a while back. I like him. So, that's my news for the day. So, yeah, happy yad wons or school. Whichever happens (no school pretty please!)
Snow cold (haha)
Raven DeWitt


  1. Hope you have a snow day! Or you can take snow machines to the school and make the teachers think it's snowing. :P

    1. Or pile snow boulders in front of the school and school boards houses!


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