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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wibbly wobbly day with only a bit of Timey wimey

Hey! I was totally going to post, but I got slightly side tracked. By slightly I mean like how the tardis is small. *its bigger on the inside. Anyways, first off, today was the start of something new, it feels so good, to be here with you. Haha, high school musical! Cause I'm sure there's a questioning of my nerdyness power. Anyways, different hours, classes and people. Well, like here new people, but the ones I've had since middle school weren't in my classes last term. Or, some of them. One new class, but two others have new hours. So, basically the only big change was from civics with release the krachenburg to Econ with smallvilles neighboring town, Summerville. (Pirates of the Caribbean and smallvilles reference packed into one sentence? Hecks yeah!). Then, it was tutoring as always, where my mom and Mimi picked me up, but Mimi and papa had to leave to the airport before I got home home, so I didn't get to see them off *snivel* ばい ばい。 (bai bai or bye in Japanese). Then it was the famous Phoenix's basketball game, in whichever hey lost by two points in the last like two minutes! The agony! It was a close game, but it ended at eight. Then we went to dinner at a new Chinese food restaurant. レストランとー。(Restaurant in Japanese). It was yummy. And that leads up to this moment, spent in the bloggy world at nine thirty-ish give or take five to nine minutes, recapping my day where I had many opportunities to blog, but took few chances. And by few I mean, I considered it three times, did it once. Tada. But I love you guys, don't worry ^_^
Off my school groove
And watching the emperors new groove a bit too much
Raven DeWitt

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