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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The paradise

Hey. So, recently my moms cousin introduced suggested us a show that my mom then bought and we've watched called the paradise. It's about the first department store and while I'm usually more into action or anime, I love the paradise. It's interesting with lots of awesome characters, a few questionable ones and a few highly hate able ones. Overall, it's a good show, with some scandalous parts, especially for a show in the 1800 or 1900. Where stuff was considered more scandalous. Of course, everything seems a lot less scandalous now. And Hollywood doesn't help. Ah, well, I can't help all that. Anyways, the main character is a country girl with a knack for good ideas and sales. They stay in apartments in the store, and the main character stays with her best friend, a very happy girl, who's very nice and "dallies" a lot, and a girl who, I didn't like until the end of episode three, when I guess I can tolerate her. She's cruel and mean and jealous and greedy. The department store owner, a smooth, charming man who I can't decide if I like or dislike, and the lady who is in charge of all the sales ladies, who is strict and bossy, but I like her. There's many other characters, but those are a few of the main ones. It's an interesting show, and I like it.
Sales girl
Raven DeWitt

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