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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life in the day of a teenage super-chu

So, today was very busy. My grandparents who live in New Mexico are alive and healthy, but my grandparents who live here, on Michigan are no longer with us. I slept in til nine, then did a few chores and watched supernatural. Then, we went to my grandpa's old house (he lived with my uncle, who lives there now and I don't really know what's going to happen to it....), to discuss and divide up the stuff. The grandparents who are earthy gone were on my dad's side, and my dad has two older brothers. My dad is the youngest, and I'm the youngest cousin (on both sides). The ones on my dad's side are older and most are married, so there's lots of people to discuss who wants what. If we gave it to our grandparents, then we automatically get first claim, other than that, we'll have a lively debate between the three children of said grandparents to sort the rest out. Today was take note of what you want, and claim gifts day. That took a while. Then we went to the mall, because yesterday I lost a piece to my spikey gage/body piercing earrings, (seriously, they're that style... With spikes on the end and the little bar and everything!) so, I had to get a new one, plus I wanted a new hat. Not just any hat, the hats that have the sides hanging down, and form into little pocket/glove things (does anyone know what they're called?!). They're cute and I wanted one for a while, and my friend said that they had Pokemon ones at hot topic. Alas, they did not. But they did have earrings at Spencer's, with the same type of back, and it was buy one get another piece of Jewelry for $1. That's right, numbero uno dollars. Ichi dollars. Juan, one, less than two but more than zero. I got a cool necklace that's a sword with dragons wrapped around it, and a ruby (not a real ruby) on the hilt. I like it, and now to go scour amazon for the hat with the long sides.
Raven DeWitt

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