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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chocolate advice

Today, when walking into school, I saw my brothers ex-girlfriend. Which is aka-awkward. Especially when I like some of the ex's, but she is just... No. Baaaadddd relationship. That's another post though. Then, after third hour, I saw my and my brothers friend Jordan. So was wearing a black butler tshirt, so we started fangirling over that. Well, just like oh my gosh that so cool, not squealing. So, that was nice. But now, for the real post. So, being the day before valentines day, I'm going to do love quotes. But not just any love quotes, ones from chocolate wrappers. That's right boys, if you wanna impress a girl, take the chocolate wrappers advice. We love us some chocolate. Perfect man is a tie between Channing Tatum (haha, I love some others more but, ya know...) and a man made completely out of chocolate. Anyways, here's the chocolates advice:
"The best things in life are chocolate."
"Believe in those you love."
"Savor small romantic moments."
"Remember your first crush." I remember him. It was kindergarten and we talked about the lockness monster. 'Nuff said.
"Be a little mysterious."
"Express what's in your heart."
"Exercise your heart today."
"Do something spontaneous."
"Go where your heart takes you."
"Listen to your heart."

Boom, inverted pyramid!

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