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Friday, February 7, 2014

Fictional life - real traffic jam

Well, I found this today, on my best friends blog, http://julyaemmance.blogspot.com/2014/02/fictional-life-tag.html     And I decided to do it. Mostly cause I love the fictional worlds I circulate every living moment I can. In other news, I kinda sorta have winter camps this week and other than this post, will not be posting until Sunday. Or Monday, depending on when I get back and how much homework. So, I will be MIA until --nday. It will be a nday that I get back on. Don't worry, my fine non-feathered friends! Now, I am an obsess. So, in my little fictional works, they'll be a tv-show/movie, book anime and maybe (video game) category. Hopefully you'll understand at least one.... Ish. If not, I'm crazy so you should run. Y'all have fun!

Fictional Life Tag.

1.What fictional world would you live in?
Tv-show/movie: doctor who universe (with my own personal tardis, thank you very much)
Book: Gallagher academy (Gallagher girls series)
Anime:I'd be in the fairy tale guild (fairy tale)
(video game): Hyrule (legend of Zelda)

2. What fictional being would you be?
A super-chu! Haha, seriously.........
Tv-show/movie: superhero (avengers, doc, don't care, love them both DEAL WITH IT.)
Book: Demi-god (percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus)
Anime: wizard (fairy tale), alchemist (fullmetal alchemist) or shiganami (bleach)
(video game): kajit (or however you spell it... Cat anthros in skyrim)

3. What fictional animal/creature would you keep as a pet?
Tv-show/movie: wolf (no specific show...)
Book: dragon (mostly the one in heroes of Olympus)
Anime: ninja dogs (naruto)
(video game): a dog from fallout, you know, that one dog...... Seemore? I dunno.........

4. What fictional couple would be your Mom and dad?
Tv-show/movie: the doctor (11) and river (doctor who)
Book: percy Jackson and Annabeth chase (percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus)
Anime: Minato and Kurena (naruto)
(video game): link and Zelda (legend of Zelda. I don't care, I ship them.)

5. What fictional characters would be your brother and sister?
Tv-show/movie: Stiles (teen wolf) and Luna love good (Harry potter)
Book: Harry (Harry potter) and Lisiel (the book thief)
Anime: Naruto (Naruto) and Erza (fairy tale)
(video game): daxter (jak and daxter) and midna (legend of Zelda twilight princess, she's... Not exactly human....)

6. Which fictional character would be your best friend?
Tv-show/movie: tony stark (the avengers)
Book: Hazel (heroes of Olympus)
Anime: Temari (Naruto)
(video game): the rival (Pokemon. You can choose his name, so there's no specific one)

 7. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close girl friends?
Tv-show/movie: Marceline the vampire queen (adventure time), Kim possible (Kim possible) and Juliet O'Hara (psych)
Book: piper (heroes of Olympus), red (isle of swords) and Kat (curse of the spider king)
Anime: Lucy (fairytale), winry (fullmetal alchemist) and Maka (soul eater)
(video game): there aren't very many video game characters (but cool items and worlds and beings are a-plenty) so I guess the girls at the knight academy in skyward sword (legend of Zelda)

8. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close guy friends?
Tv-show/movie: shaggy and scooby (I know it's two, but they're practically attached so they count as one), Dean Winchester (supernatural), the doctor (all) (doctor who)
Anime: Bard (black butler), Natsu (fairy tale) and grey (fairytale)
(video game): same as above, except the guys in the academy and this does not include groose and his band of followers

9. What fictional character would be your boyfriend?
Tv-show/movie: Steve Rogers (the avengers, captain America, just marvel in general) or Derek hale (teen wolf)
Book: Leo Valdez (heroes of Olympus)
Anime: soul eater Evans (soul eater)
(video game): jak (jak and daxter)

10. What author would pen your story?
Now, this one I'm only doing book because it's not like I know anime artists, game creators or tv/movie writers. I do know companies.... Plus, everything else can be based off of a book. So, the author I would want would have to be Wayne Thomas Batson, author of the spider king chronicles and the isle of swords series (followed by isle of fire), and (I think) the door within. His books contain lots of action, and violence which is a very cool thing to have your life be. Not only is he an action writer (with very little romance, if any. If there is some, it's not cheesy or makes me have psychopathic tendencies, it's nice, cute or cool, without any purple) but he's also a Christian writer, which would be very nice. First off, I always think books are better with a Christian theme, plus it will not portray the main character doing immoral things every other chapter, which I personally love, because I'm not that type of person. Violent, psycho and rude, sure, but I still have morals. And I'd like my life to have a Christian theme. "Cause if I'm here for nothing..... Least I can say I stand for something!!!" (A day to remember, all signs point to lauderdale)

On another note, my mom caused a traffic jam. With a bus. Yesterday, she was picking me up from the bus stop and her car got stuck (before the bus arrived). We're the last stop, so it's not like any students were help up, but anyways..... So, some cars stopped to help shovel us out. One car (belonging to my best friends dad) took up the side of the road blocked by us, which the bus has the use to get out. That's a Michigan traffic jam for ya. A cars gets stuck, people help and block a bus. The bus had the back all the way around the circle and it was funny and embarrassing. Welcome to Michigan. Where I shall not be posting from tomorrow, remember!

Traffic jam causing superhero-wizard-demigod-alchemist-kajit-shiganami
Raven DeWitt

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