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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Relaxed Raven

Fifth hour. No homework, except reading (which isn't bad enough to be called homework). Drawing, blogging, conspiracies and dandelion necklace by say we can fly. (Sweetest lyrics ever!). Click here to see the lyrics. Video should be on youtube. Could I ask for a better day? And that's not all. Today is fuel. My church group. But, today's the first day of a bible study. I signed up for woodshop and sermon questions. We basically just build stuff and talk. I'm all superheroed up in batman earrings, superman tshirt and captain America sweatshirt. I didn't wear my superman shoes though.... Maybe next time I will, but with my ironman tshirt. That'd be cool. It's sunny now, which you might think is nice, but I do not like the sun. I mean, I know we need it to live, but we need rain, and whoever died from a few feet of snow (don't ruin it). Of course, the sun isn't too bad. I don't mind it. Other other news, manga website (You can have this link too) and manga section in my school library (small, but still there) and at hmmm-hmmmmm library, there's a whole wall of manga. Overall, feeling really good right now. Today's a nice day.
Raven DeWitt

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