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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hey! I'm back (don't run off screaming "oh no!")! Miss me? You bet you did(n't). So, my very unexciting weekend of tiredness... A) straight from school to subway to church, where we drove to camp. Which wasn't fun. It was very busy. I still loved camp though. B) we made a euphemism (word for some other word) of going to the bathroom called "fighting terrorists in Montana". The terrorists were very bloody. If you don't get it, lucky you. If you do, that makes camp funnier. Doy. And then we had a dinner of awful pizza, had a session (band and teaching), and small group, the free time til sleep. I chilled with Indiana and my friends sister the whole weekend. Session was LOUD!!! At least the band. It was loud, so we sat in the hallway, and it was like a super stereo on full volume. AND THATS THE HALLWAY!!!!!!!!!!! It was annoying and very headache-y. Then, when playing apples to apples I was Barney Stinson (how I met your mother), getting handsome and legend(wait for it....)dary! The next day we played apples to apples again, and I got desperate and awesome (c'mon guys, I'm awesome, why do I have to be desperate?) and my friend joked I was still Barney Stinson. I also went horse back riding on a horse that bites other horses (like the one in front of me). There was swimming, and tubing (snow tubing and spinning and ramps and three people and fun!). I braided my hair. Well, Indiana did. Then there was dinner and session and I made a leather bracelet for Phoenix. Then there was today and I packed abs hungout and stuff. So........ Yeah. It was kinda boring.
But it was fun and too short and I LOVED it.
Raven DeWitt

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