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Friday, June 9, 2017

Catching up

Sorry. I think it'll be quite a long time before I stop apologizing for disappearing. But, hey, let's do what this post is named and catch up?
So, let's see, what all do I need to tell you?
So, I got a boyfriend. A year and a half ago. I've liked him for, wow, about two years now. Seven months before we started dating. He's basically a real life version of Link, at least looks wise (minus the fact Link is totally short). He's a nerd, like me, but less advanced (; and, well... I don't exactly know how to describe him. A total dork, likes building stuff and working on projects, just kinda calm and chill and... yeah.
My best friends have stayed July and Jessie, except with the addition of my real life Link. Don't worry, none of them is neglected in pursuit of one of the other friends.
Classes have been crazy. So, I took college Japanese, I took web and game design through the local tech center. And loved it. I can now code basic websites and use gamemaker and basic C++. Whoo. I loved it, but didn't learn a lot. Enough to know I'm not good, I need to work hard, and... I think this might be what I want to do. If not, I'm taking a year off of school (a gap year before college), and... I'm going to work on it during this free year and see if it really is. Well, mostly free year, because work but yeah. Anyways.
What I do know is I love stories and fictional worlds and creating them and... Through maybe books and maybe comics and hopefully games, I know that is what I want to be doing. And coding can get me to the games part. All I need is to learn art -- The industry is made of people who can do it all. I... I have no inkling of an idea what to do if not create stories. Maybe AI and bio-tech. Like cyborg parts. Maybe that's where I'll start my real jobs and just create life as a hobby. It all depends on college and... Just, who knows? Who knows what will happen, because it's certainly not me.
On a less tragic note, I was the pilot on our robotics team this year. It was amazing, we made it to quarter finals of our field in worlds and I loved every minute of the ride. And I will tell you more about all that jazz soon. Don't worry your pretty little heads.
And, really... I think that's all for today. Maybe I'll be able to get to some book, comic, game and movie reviews soon, some top fives or top tens and DEFINITELY some rants. I'm always up for a good rant.

I'm back baby! :p
Raven DeWitt


  1. Yayyyyyy! Can't wait to see what you choose to do in the future with your life and with this blog, haha.
    - July

    1. Thanks :)
      I can't wait to see either? XD I'm a little lost in everything, but in a good way.


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