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Monday, June 19, 2017


I just got back from a mission trip in Chicago. Well, by just I mean late Saturday night. It was... okay. It felt more like a campaign than a mission trip. More "look at the brokenness. Doesn't it suck?" than "let's do what we can to help, even if it's for these few days". I get what their point was -- we're not permanent and they're not here to give us warm fuzzies from helping people who can function perfectly well without us. Their point was this is what's happening, and this is how we're working to fix it. You are temporary and, no offense, unnecessary. Don't feel like a savior just because you volunteered for a week -- some of us full time live here.
I get their point and agree. But, we're still volunteering and trying to help. We didn't come here for your political campaign.
But, overall, it was enjoyable. Friday, after helping at a food pantry to sort the food, we went to the shed aquarium. I got to pet sting rays. It was pretty awesome.
Then, on Saturday, we went to six flags. Which is an amusement park. That's heavily DC themed. I didn't know about that, but it was AWESOME. If I'd known it was DC, I think I'd have brought more money and worn my DC comics Bombshells T I made. And my Harley Quinn shorts. I went on a ride called the joker, Image result for six flags the joker ride
Which is that. Right there. It's the waves. The carts, are two next to each other connected to the thing that is connected to the tracks by one point it pivots at. If you way more you'll spin and flip upside down more. Almost every cart will do that least once I figure, though. I liked it a lot.
And then I came home and my dad was sick on Father's Day. Fun times. And now I'm here. So, hello.
I think that's about it...
Raven DeWitt

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