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Monday, June 26, 2017

Hate and secrets and posion

I don't think I have some great, majestic, important opening line for this post.
I guess I can start with this; everyone kinda knows that hate is bad for you. It has a quote that says it's "the poison you drink to kill someone else". It doesn't do anything to the other person. Hate all you want, but the one the poison will affect is you, not them. Whether you straight up tell them you hate them or let them figure it out for themselves, or fake the heck out of it so no one knows, they won't be hurt by it nearly as much as you are. If they're hurt at all. If you hate, that's on you, and you're the one who's going to be twisted and angered and almost consumed by it.
On a similar note, and something that isn't a universally acknowledged phenomenon, I believe secrets can do that too. Minor secrets or major ones, they're a little like hate. They mostly twist you, instead of someone else. Even minor secrets feel like a burden to keep and bear. The worst part, I think, is that hate is something that you can see it working from the outside. When people hate you notice it's not good for them. When they're that consumed by anger. But secrets? It's like the worm on the inside of a fruit, eating it's way out. You don't see it until it's done it's damage. It's an inner wall of blocking out those you love and those who love you, and keeping you alone. It's a barrier, but not a protective one.
Sorry, that was depressing. It's just... I get kind of frustrated with people keeping secrets, or swearing me to secrecy and... Don't you see that it's pointless? No one cares. The only thing it does is close you off -- the people who love you will love you just the same, no matter the secret. Argue against all you want, but for every secret I know about one of my friends, it's true. I don't care how dark you claim your secret is. How weird you think it'll make relationships. The people who love you love you, and I don't think almost anything can stop that. So why do you make yourself locked into the tiny little box of secrecy and lonesomeness?
That was serious. And I apologize. I mean, I think some of my posts will be serious, but I hope to mostly keep it to the usually sassy, sarcastic me and not serious me, because being serious is boring. Also, depressing. I'm just... frustrated, and because this is my blog, this is where I'm putting all my being frustrated and stuff. Deal? What do I care, it's not your blog :p

Seriously, thanks and sorry
Sarcasm next time, m'kay?
Raven DeWitt

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