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Monday, December 9, 2013

Nutcracker and the party

So, I haven't had a real post in a few days. This was mostly due to he nutcracker. Which is finally over. Woohoo! I know I promised those things and they'll come up in a review of the past few days. So, Friday. It was the first day we were playing nutcracker for an actual audience. By actual I mean people who weren't yearbook photographers who need way to many pictures hat catch me in the corner with a weird look on my face. The elementary and middle school got to have a field trip to watch us. It was actually pretty fun, cause I got to miss second and third hour. Then fourth hour was orchestra which honestly, isn't usually my favorite class but my teacher just added it to lunch which was in the gym special for people who were in the nutcracker. So, lunch lasted an hour. Then I had fifth hour, Japanese, which was all finished for that week, so I got another free hour. Next was sixth hour in which I watched a movie. Best day ever! Yeah, Rapunzel, top that! Anyways, I got home super happy and then I went down stairs and my brother and company were there. He has this new friend who's been coming over a lot this year who said he hated me, but the only reason he hated me was because I was such a great sister and sisters aren't supposed to be good. So, basically he hated me because I was so awesome. He totally supports the haters are just jealous or they cant stand how good you are thingy. Then I went and played in the nutcracker. My friend was wearing ankle boots with heels that was way to big on her, and so this one guy (who I may or may not sorta like) wore them and was walking around wearing them. It was really funny. So then I was talking to my friend and he mentioned something about it, and I said that the guy walking around in heels was so hot. He shouted over to him "Raven thinks you looked hot.................................................................................................................. In heels" at first I was like ahh, then he finally said in heels and I was like thank goodness then I said I was glad he added in heels so he shouted over to him "she thinks you look hot without the heels too". I got kinda pissed, but it was also funny. The announcer or narrator or whatever also misread the line and said oh nuts right into the microphone. Hehe. Then I came home and watched anime til I crashed.
Saturday I woke up and had a chocolate chip bagel from panera bread for breakfast. Totally the start to an awesome day. And it was! So, then I played in the nutcracker and then I went shopping. I almost finished my Christmas shopping and bought some stuff for myself. It was pretty great! I also got out my Christmas earrings cause we put up our Christmas stuff (which I think I didn't post about, sorry). One says dear Santa and the other says it wasn't me. So, yeah, I think these are my favorite Christmas earrings. Anyways, I wore those and played in the nutcracker. The person who sits in front of me is really social, which is nice. I mean, I may not be super social and nice, but I like it when people talk to me. And I like talking to people. So, we were talking and it was like a bit awkward like trying to find a subject to talk about and finally the guy asked if I liked doctor who. I was mentally fangirling so hard and it was like oh my gosh!!! Total geek out moment. As always, by yours truely. Then we started talking about doctor who inbetween songs. The dance danced to like five songs before we played. We knew about it before hand and one time someone in the pit burped inbetween songs  and it was funny. Then inbetween songs they started the nutcracker dialogue and caused a hard attack. Then was the after party. Sadly it wasn't that kind of party. Well, for some people it was, but life is like that for them. So.... Yeah. It was fun and there was this one girl making like twelve different phone calls off of one phone, all pranking one guy. My teacher also did dance dance revolution and it was hilarious. And you know that kinda cute guy I mentioned earlier? Well, he was in the small group of friend I hungout with... Which was really fun. We were watching/hanging out with them when they were playing pool. It was really funny, and they all sucked. And this is coming from the queen of suck. I seriously failed it. To death. Well, he was okay-ish. And he burped. It was a pathetic burp, and I was the only girl there so I just rolled my eyes. He looked at me and was like "sexy right?" And I totally gave Trenton credit and said "eh, Trenton can do better" and he said "but me wearing high heels yesterday was" and I sarcastically was like yeah, just sooooo hot. Then the chicks came back and people were leaving but my friend who was my rides dad wouldn't be there in a while, so we were just chillin one of the last few and he was leaving and he hugged her then asked if I wanted a hug and I like shouted no, and he started at me a second. It was kinda awkward, but I seriously hate hugs. Then me and my friend played pool for a while and I sucked. It was fun though.
Yesterday I was meaning to post but then my friend invite me to go sledding and I got shoved off my sled a few times by an annoying kid and scraped up my hip, but it was fun. Then I watched doctor who with her and came home, had dinner, showered and watched most of the hobbit. Cause it's coming out Friday, whoot whoot!
Today my neck hurt really bad. Ow.
Happy and very celebratory
And so not dreaming of dances
But sugar castles and handsome nutcracker princes aren't out of the question
Raven DeWitt


  1. That was embarrassing that your friend told him that you said he is hot! I heard of Panera but I never tried it. Is it a bakery? What is good there?

    1. It's like a restaurant but it has bakery like foods there... I really like the bagels, especially chocolate chip and Asiago, which is a type of cheese


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