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Monday, December 2, 2013

lots of thingys

Hey! What's new? Whazzup? Sup? Hiiiiiiiiiiii. I have nutcracker rehearsal tomorrow and Thursday, and it starts at four. As in F-O-U-R. As in only an hour after school. I get home at three thirty. It takes twenty minutes to drive to school. Thankfully across the street from the two schools is Family Fare, Chinese food place and a wolfies, which is like a sub shop. Yummy. Anyways, I'm gonna walk there straight afterschool with my friend. Because I don't have enough time for a blog post. So tomorrow the post will probably be really late, if at all. Sorry! So, I finished nano a few days ago, and I'll show you my thing soon, but it involves copying and pasting a few things and I'm lazy so.... Not today, maybe tomorrow. Let's just say I put the pro in procrastinate. But don't worry, I'm taking care of my procrastination problems. Just wait and see. Hahahahahahaha. Okay. But seriously, procrastinate, so if the world ends tomorrow, you don't have to do it. Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow.........  Anyways! I saw anyways a lot. I need to come up with a better word. Next, onto the next thing, whatever, as I was saying... I dunno. Just hey. Next. Whaddup? Or just awkwardly transition. Because puppys are so cute and we own doggie, who I call a puppy. But he's old. Trentons over. Not Phoenix though, just Trenton. We're having calazones for dinner. It's like pizza, but inside a bread. I know how to say and write pizza in Japanese. I know, random. Well, ish. It was my first day back to school, my mind isn't really all that smarty. I want a smarty. I like candy. SUGAR!!! Gimme some sugar baby ;p. Wow, that's used in so many kids shows and yet its kinda a bit well... I mean, kids freak out over that kinda stuff, but when its fraised gimme some sugar its funny. Weird huh? Kids shows are soooo pervy though! Like, seriously! There's so many references to ssssssssooooooooooo not little kid things! Eck! Ick! Acky. Ucky? Ucky. Mind powering down.
Busy scatterbrained procrastinator
Raven DeWitt

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