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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No day like a snow day

Hey! It's final exam time..... Ugh. I totally don't wanna have final exams.  On the bright side they're spread out between this week (some already done whew) and some next week and some after Christmas break. So, I still have here weeks til some but still. Two weeks of those are breaks. And everyone was complaining about how we should've had a snow day today. I honestly wasn't planning on it and I would love a snow day, but it honestly wasn't bad enough. You live in Michigan for goodness sakes! Stop being such a pansy. And then everyone was giving the superintendents kid a hard time in second hour, which was kinda stupid, cause like he said he had no control (other than blackmailing his dad....) and anyways, it wasn't even bad enough for  a snow day. And I have to walk between schools, which I already hate, before it was freezing, and everyone throws snowballs at people and complains about how cold it is. Yeah, we get it! Anyways,  no matter how much I wanted a snow day, it wasn't nearly as bad. Everyone said it was. No offense, but dude, get over yourself. Cry a river, let it freeze and get over it. If it breaks, please let you freeze. Seriously, yeah, the path between schools was a bad idea, and they don't shovel it. Yeah, if we lived in New Mexico if it so much as snows a centimeter it's a snow day. But we don't live in New Mexico. We live in Michigan. So, pull up your frilly little stockings, tighten your thong, grow a pair and DEAL WITH IT. Yeah, I know I'm being more than a bit blunt, and rude, but ITS NOT THAT BAD. Get over yourself. Unless you are Elsa or Jack Frost, you ain't changin nothing. If you really want a snow day, become superintendent. Until then stop complaining and be glad we don't live in Canada in some parts where it's like negative twenty. Calm down. Yeah, a snow day would be nice. But we ain't gonna die if we gotta go to school one more day this year. We'll live. Hopefully. I mean, sorry, I'm pretty mean, but dude, that's all I've been hearing, about how annoying and bad the snow is and show it should've been a show dab and stuff like that and it's like, I love snow and it's not that bad today, now shush.
The snow queen
Raven DeWitt

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