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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dreamin in a winter wonder land

Had a really weird dream Saturday night/Sunday morning. Actually three of them. One was a guy kept commenting on my blogs. I don't remember how that turned put, but it was a dream, so not normal. Then there was one where I went to a school, like in soul eater, the dwma. Deaths weapon Meister academy. For those of you who don't know, in soul eater there are many types of people, but two that go to the dwma and live in death city. Well, probably more, but two that they focus on. Weapons and Meisters. Weapons are people who can literally transform into weapon(s they may only transform into one or they can transform into many, depending on the person). Then there's the Meisters, people who can control that weapon. They have to work together and everyone gets assigned a partner to match their soul wavelength. That's as much as I need to say for my dream, cause if I go into any more detail it'll sound psycho and I swear it's not. Plus it's irrelevant. So, I went there, and my crush went there too, and my teacher who I had two years in middle school taught there. It wasn't the same person but I knew it was her.... It was weird, like dreamland type thing. I was a weapon. I don't know why, but she was out to get me, meaning she was trying to kill me. My partner knew and was helping me stay alive. But then the other teacher decided to experiment and have different partners for everyone. The teacher was still trying to kill me and I got paired up with my crush and I don't remember anything after that. It was cool though. In the next dream, it involved my brother, and a kid from my school, who's in orchestra and a bunch of other classes with me. So, they both went to tech center which is like a place where you go to do stuff.... My brothers in the welding program, and it's hands on and he welds three hours instead of sitting in a classroom learning. Well, only juniors and seniors can do it, but somehow the freshman from my class was in it and they were somehow friends and there were guys messing with them, and they were fighting back and.... It was really weird cause my brother, who made a bigger dent in the car than an actual car hitting it, who has anger issues (it's true, not to be mean, he's my bro I love him...) didn't want to fight back. But freshie orch dork kept telling him too. Which, if you know my brother, is pretty weird....
Then there was Friday night dream, where I was at a Pokemon convention where we all got new games and it had the graphics of like first generation Pokemon, which is basically only blue and white. My crush was there with a guy who was apparently his brother and he helped me out with talking about how antisocial I am to my friend, who didn't believe me. Then he left and so did my friend and it started inside and then everyone was wearing pikachu sweatshirts except for me. In the game there was this game where your six Pokemon were scrambled out in your half of a 12 block board. You chose one of them as a Pokemon to use. On your turn you can either turn over another Pokemon, leaving that Pokemon exposed, but you can use them in battle. You can also attack an open Pokemon, or a blank square that if you attack it enough times it uncovers that Pokemon. You never know which Pokemon you'll uncover, any method you use. You only get one move per turn. It was weird, and bad graphics but a good idea.
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