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Friday, December 6, 2013

Sup date

Hi! So, I've had a very very very busy few days. Like ugh. So Tuesday and Thursday I had to stay after school for like four hours. I had to stay at school for twelve hours total. On the bright side, I got Chinese food for dinner. On the dark side, it's a certain time of the month that always comes at the most in opportune moments. We did the nutcracker for the middle school and upper elementary schools today, we will be doing it tonight and twice tomorrow. Today I also have chemistry club after school, and it's a home room day due to sharing schools with the school that won state! Whoo hoo! I know some people who play on that team too, :-) !!!! So, very very busy and I've been loaded down with homework. And I'm kinda stressed out by people. Thankfully it started snowing today (YAY!!!) during our practice nutcracker. And I had an hour for lunch, cause the nutcracker for students ended at fourth hour and lunch so I actually had like an hour twenty minutes. So, I'm tired, busy, crampy, happy, excited and very very very ready to be done with the nutcracker. I still like the nutcracker, it's just been playing in my head wove and over for the school year, especially with all he extra rehearsals I have it stuck in my head. So deep I feel like my skull will split in two.
Might say it was a cut above the rest
You could call it a slice of life
Okay, I'll cut you a break
I'm gonna split
I Stolez all those from tfs (but they're funny ^w^)
Raven DeWitt

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