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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

'Twas the day before Christmas and every creature was stirring. Even the Raven, excited for what tomorrow would bring.
I had to do that. Cause I can. And it is the day before Christmas, so happy Christmas Eve! I love Christmas, I love it to death! I love opening presents and giving presents, I love sledding and snowmen and snowball fight and anything to do with snow (including Jack Frost). I love hot coco and Christmas cookies and candy canes. I love friends and family and Christmas specials and Christmas movies and most of all, the nativity! Of course, one thing that always ruins Christmas for me is when people feel like nockin on the nativity. The wise men would've arrived two years later and it was actually in the middle of summer and the shepards would've been chicks (yes, I heard that once) and Jesus wouldn't have been white and yada yadayadayada oh my gosh, just shut up! No offense, but you're an idiot. A) how does that change the story? And b) what if you're wrong.  What if the wiseman saw the star two years earlier? And since when did Jesus's color matter? What, if he's middle eastern he must have been lying, if he's black he can't do miracles? Only white people can be the savior? Sorry, but how Effin racist are you? Nope. Good bye, the nearest exit is anywhere, just use it. See you never! And my aunt heard on the radio that in all actuality, the Christians might've celebrated Christmas on December 25th waaayyyyyy before the pagan holiday. Boom! And anyways, they're on the other sided of the world, where summer was winter and winter was summer. So, if that's true, wouldn't it have been in have winter rather than in the summer? Cause, it's warm all year around anyways, so the shepards are always out. Seriously. So if you feel like saying anything in the nativity isn't true, I have some lovely places to hide your body. Have a nice day.
Merry Christmas Eve
....happy Christmas Eve?
Which one?
Super chu
Raven DeWitt

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