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Friday, December 20, 2013

Snice day luck

Hey guys! Guess what today is? Other than Friday the 20th, five days till Christmas....... Can y'all guess? It was actually a snice day! Wait.... I think I just realized something..... I never actually said snow day, so I couldn't jinx it! I said snice day! Whoo-hoo! Great way to start off Christmas break. Çhrïštmåś brēãk. Yay! Yatta! I'm really happy, and it is actually a really good day. I never have this good of luck. Seriously, I'm off of Minotaur and onto thinking they'll create the hunger games and draft me in it. In the honest twenty four hours. Or I'll be kidnapped by a spy being the daughter of a princess and not knowing it and they'll need me to go back to their kingdom and rule it, but then I get kidnapped again for ransom. Or the avengers coming true and I get magically transported to New York. Except the avengers aren't there to help. Or I get stuck in the Demi-wars (heroes of Olympus reference). Maybe I'll even get to go into soul eater and have one of medusas snakes in me. Lucky me. Seriously, I'm beginning to worry, anyone have goku on speed dial? I mean, they would all be pretty cool, but with my before-luck-streak-luck I would die, thus ending my lucky streak. Although I've never died before. Maybe it's like the Lone Ranger. Of course, I don't have a crazy Indian dude played by Johnny Depp. Maybe I'm the crazy one. Either way, if tomorrow I don't post, start looking up real life hunger games and princess ransoms and passage ways to alternate universes and camp half blood and new Rome and the DWMA and bulma briefs (cause your gonna need the dragon balls, and she has the dragon radar......). That probably is just a small list, but hey, it's a start. So....... In short, I'm not crazy, just cautious and lucky. Extremely lucky. Seriously, anyone have any celestial bronze?
Raven DeWitt

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