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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Suspiciously good

Hi! Hi. Hey. Whazzup? So, today I gots all my Japanese stuff.... Well.... Sorta finished with a few technical bugs. Way more annoying than real bugs, but I won't complain. Mostly cause if I write a rant about that, I guarantee it will glitch, close the tab and not save my rant. And then there's the next rant I'll write that the same thing will happen to before I get fed up and throw the iPad across the room. So, no complaints. And I'm doing this post during fifth hour. One day til Christmas break, if we don't get a snice day tomorrow. Which, it was thought we would, but it seems that for once everything is going my way. So, I'm probably going to get attacked by a Minotaur soon. No homework today, we finished (and failed) our orchestra concert last night, finished one of my two tests today, two tests tomorrow (if no snice day) and a movie tomorrow (ditto). So, everything is pretty amazing, especially since I totally know my stuff for all the tests. Tomorrow would also be chem club then Saturday is my ccp. Christmas cookie party! Tonight I have to go to my brothers bball  game. Go.... I think they're the warriors....? Or knights..... Or they played against the knights last week...... I dunno, they're one of the two. The next big thing is Christmas Eve. So, right now I'm busy but happy. And everything is going my way. Until the Minotaur attacks. I'm on the lookout for him. Or dementers. I hate those guys, but I think they left the last time they attacked. I mean, I never have a good streak. Especially this long... Ooh! Another good thing! I got my class ring ring today! I have my name in the middle, in the middle of the stone an emerald (from my birth month, may............). All around em both is little diamonds (I don't know if any of the stones are real). It's all in silver. On one side is a cross, with a bible below it, the cross over whatever those plants are, because I am a Christian and want to keep my faith strong and keep getting stronger. Above it is the year I'll graduate, 2017. On the other side is "on to adventure" written on top of these stars, and my schools initials ZEHS. (Don't go lookin up my school, y'all hear?) I got that one cause that's something I've always wanted. To go on an adventure. No instructions, no "you're doing it all wrong", just getting to figure stuff out and explore and helping people, even if nobody knows it. Being an epic hero (but that's a post for another time....) and doing something extraordinary. On the inside is my name
Raven L. DeWitt



    1. Sorry. I'll tell ya next time :) and don't forget the cookie party (you should try and be there by like ten-ish..... Kay?)


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