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Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's been a long long weekend......

Busy day. Busy weekend! So, I've had some dreams which is gonna have to be a post soon. Three last night and one Friday night or maybe thirsday night........ No, it was Friday night. Four dreams in the past two days. Anyways, that's for tomorrow. Yesterday, I volunteered at my church and it was like... Parents can come and pay a little bit of money so they can buy a bunch of gifts for their kids for only five bucks they get like five gifts. And their kids go and buy a few gifts for them. It's for families that can't get anything for Christmas. I helped wrap with parents. It was fun. Then I went to sky's one with the youth group, which is like a trampoline park thingy. I played endless games of dodgeball almost the whole time. There was also a foam pit and just a playing only trampoline part. Then I went to a Christmas concert with my mom. So no free time from 7 am- 9pm. Whew. Tired. And then today was church then I went to the mall to finish Christmas shopping. For my brother I got Assassins creed III (shhh, don't tell!). I also got a new Pokemon game that I bought myself. I love them both. I can't wait for Christmas. I've already finished shopping for my Besties, and I got a few things for my mom. She'll probs get the stuff for my dad, cause it's usually socks and power tools for him. I love power tools, at least better than clothes, but it's not easy to shop for the person who has every power tool in history of the universe. I was shopping for hours. Now it's time to start Pokemon ^w^ yay.

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