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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

top five ships

Since it's Valentine's day week, I have yet another romantic cutesy post for y'all! Ready? Here we go!

top five Ships (cannon or non-cannon)

1- Percabeth -percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus
Percy and Annabeth. He didn't forget about her when he was cursed to forget everything -even his best friend and his mom. But not Annabeth. If that's not love I don't know what is. Plus their interactions are so cute! 

2- Jarida -rise of the brave tangled dragons
Jack Frost and Merida. It's really an opposites attract, and I just think they'd go well together because they're really similar and different and I like the yin-yang thing they have.

3- Shikamaru and Temari -Naruto
I really like how they challenge each other and he's the guys-protect-girls type and she's the I-don't-need-protection type. It's another yin-yang opposite puzzle pieces fit better than the same one type thing.

4- Link and Zelda -legend of Zelda
I know I might *slightly (*its bigger on the inside) like Link, but I mean, he's the hero of type, who saves the world again and again for Zelda. He always loves her and theyre super cute together in skyward sword.

5- Nalu -fairy tail
This is one of those friendships that should become something more. They both challenge each other to be better, keep each other in check, help each other and piss each other off in ways only people you like can ;p. They also have the really cute moments which, again, friendship that should highlight the SHIP part.

Sorry if you have no idea who any of these are. I just did my favorite few. Also, don't hate on my ships if you disagree. They're still awesome even if you don't like em.

Raven DeWitt

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