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Friday, February 13, 2015

top 5 least romantic songs

So, you have your fictional date location, but do you and your whoever (most likely imaginary if you're still reading this this week) have a song? Well, since I've already done my top five most romantic songs, it's time for the least romantic songs. In case you really want your relationship to fail. Badly. Here ye go! (*warning* some of these songs contain scandalous stuff, such as bad language and suggestive material. They have bad parts, but I still like them, sorry!)
Top five least romantic songs.

1- I miss you -blink 182
I already touched on this; at first glance it may seem nice, but it's really not. Shadow in the background of the morgue? Unsuspecting victim? Voice of treason? 

2- out of time -a day to remember
Yet another guy fallen under the spell of a stuck up pretty little princess. At least, that's the vibe I'm getting. From someone who gets everything right, everything's about them... That's the vibe I got.

3- over and over -three days grace
You try not to fall in love with someone, someone doesn't even try to get them to, and -while you could argue this is sweet, it's really kinda bad- what's good for them isn't this person, (but they don't care...)

4- gone forever -three days grace
Well... Feeling better whenever they're gone forever not the makings of a lasting relationship. Just sayin.

5- fashionably late -falling in reverse
If you even need an explanation of why this is super horrible for a couple song, you need counseling. And your SO needs to break up with you. No offense.

So, if you want your relationship to crash and burn, or are just super forever alone, there's a good ol' song to help you with that. 
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