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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hi! So, it's been a little bit since my last post, so... whoops. Anyway, other than some things that have been going on lately, life's been really good. So...
First off, yesterday I had a smash bros party with my friends.  And it was super fun. Thanks to the people who came. It was a loootttt of fun :-) and it totally meant a lot to me. Thanks. So much.
It was super fun, but then Trenton came over and... I've had lots of problems with him. I mean, he was like a brother but.... it's been weird lately and... well, he's been getting on my nerves more and more and he hasn't felt like a brother lately. Other than that, yesterday was really fun and perfect. Again, thanks people. There's like, no chance they're reading this, but whatever, thanks and I love you guys (-:
Anyways, June 27 there's a comic expo that I'm getting a group together to go. It's called grasp comic expo and it looks super fun. You're welcome for the update!
I've also been going to open houses (invited there, by like people and have been hanging out, with real, live people. Freaky, right?) So, anyways, that's what's been up with me.
I'm going to the mall on Thursday with July. I'll tell ya anything else exciting that happened.
OH! Before I forget... There's this guy I like and... He messaged me on Facebook. First. Two times. I know it sounds stupid and girly, and it is, but... It really was nice. And I've never had one of those things where I text someone for like hours. And as if every one of my girly female friends doesn't talk about that crap. I felt as normal as I could being well, me. And it was nice that even if he doesn't like me (Which is actually pretty likely, but denial...) he's still good enough friends to have a conversation with online for a hour or two. And it was fun.
Anyways, I'll try to post more now that schools out and I have more downtime. I'll be here, don't worry :-)
Raven DeWitt

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