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Monday, March 30, 2015

March journalling challenge day 30

30- favorite cliches
I know they're overused and writers should be original but... There are some clichés I LOVE. If you think about it, with enough works of fiction won't everything one day be cliché? My favorites: superhero has dead parents. Okay, that one sounds bad, but wanting something to fight for, feeling alone in their darkest moments... These are what classics are made of! I also like villain turns good/redeems himself, because redemption. Any classic quote clichés and Chris Evans is riding a motorcycle. Also, rock music is played when showing a new character to symbolize he's a rebel who doesn't follow the rules. Probably more, but to name a few...

Not good enough for the truth
In cliche
Raven DeWitt

PS. Not good enough for the truth in cliche is a song BTW. 

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