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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March journalling challenge day 10

10- 5 things I do everyday
Hmm.... I have a routinely uniform schedule in the winter, but in school breaks, weekends and summer, my life is anything but predictable. So, I'm not sure if I do have five things I do every single day. I'll try...?
1: make random references -yes, this is a daily occurrence I consider part of my routine. Even if I only talk to one person all day and that person is my dog, I will make a fandom reference. Heck, I make them to myself!

2: watch a movie or tv show with my parents -yes, I am one of the nerds who does this. And while some nights we're too busy to, almost every possible night we do.

3: watch YouTube -except for right now (because of lent) I watch YouTube every night, for amv's, if I have a song stuck in my head, for brushing my teeth... I use it a lot

4: figure out future outfits -okay, this one sounds so totally girly, and it so totally is. I think "huh, I haven't worn this shirt in a while!" When opening my drawer or think "ooh! I'll see this person this day and think they'll like this!" And so I'll wear them then and I always think ahead so... If you ever see me and appreciate my tshirt, it's probably chosen for you ;) just don't tell my crush... I think I do it for him too often...

5: talk -even if it's only to my dog, or family or even the TV, it happens a lot. And it's not educated scholarly talk, it's usually stupid gibberish, but I really love talking to... Well, people, animals, inanimate objects like TV characters or posters or stuffed animals... It helps me sort out my feelings and I talk to inanimate objects to figure out what to say to actual real live people or say things I can't say to them. I like talking to real people best though, because I love feedback and other opinions and advice.
Anyone got any?


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