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Sunday, April 12, 2015

live action Cinderella review

So, I'm back after my robots. And boys. Which, there's so much that happened this weekend, but I do have some stuff I wanna talk to my best friend(s) about before I blog it. I'd rather talk it out and have them hear it in person. But hopefully I can tell you about it soon. Because it's... New. Different. Amazing. I also finished champion; reviewing that soon too. But today is the new live action Cinderella.

Plot: well, it's almost the exact same Cinderella story. There's a girl, forced into slavery by her step mother and step sisters after her real parents death. There's a ball and she decides on a night of happyness. She makes an outfit but, when her step sisters see it, they destroy it. Distraught Cinderella goes out and cries, but then her fairy godmother appears, and makes her look apsolutely perfect. She then goes off to the ball. She and the prince spend the whole night walking and talking and becoming an otp before she has to leave at midnight. While leaving she loses her shoe which he scours the whole kingdom to find. He does. And they live happily ever after.

Thoughts: well, when I said almost the exact same, I didn't include how there was a part where Cinderella ran away and met the prince, just as charming as ever. No, seriously, if they make any more fictional princes that perfect I'm gonna have to walk around wearing my tiara. I loved how it was love at first sight, but they still took time getting to know each other. Also, the way they didn't lie to each other but they didn't say everything about themselves. And while he retelling stayed true to the classic tales unlike some newer ones *COUGH COUGH Maleficent and Snow White and the huntsman COUGH* but it still added newer elements and kept it interesting and well... Exciting. New. Fresh. Everything seems to be new for me lately... But that's at a later day. Anywho, it was awesome and I also loved how Cinderella was kind and nice and forgave her step family in the end.

Rating: 5/5. It was amazing. And I want a prince.

Raven DeWitt

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