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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Okay, so I am kinda bored with saying sorry. So... I'm going to just have scattered posts until life gets back to normal. Hopefully soon. I'll still post though, so don't worry! :-) plus, today and yesterday was.... Really good. But, I need to fan girl over it and kinda over analyze and you know, talk to my friends about. But... Good stuff. At least I'm feeling really good right now. After a lot of... Roller coaster of emotions at its rapid downfall. Anywho. Posts will be scattered and when I post I'll tell ya all about the guys who were friendly and my super-horrible-with-people-ness and why people shouldn't be nice to me. Oh, also, finishing up a book called Monster Hunter International, so I'll probably review that soon.
Raven DeWitt

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