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Monday, December 29, 2014

im actually here today!

Hi. I've been a bit...... Absent lately. So, first it was before Christmas and I was... Doing homework... And in all reality, watching tv and reading. I got two books at Barnes and noble a little while ago, throne of glass (glass was covered when. My brother saw it and he thought it would be throne of glory, which he said sounded cooler and made more sense) and cinder. I just finished throne of glass yesterday, and started reading cinder about five minutes later... Okay, like, three... Two... One... Immediately. I finished it and then me and my mom went shopping and I could get some reading done on the car, okay? I'll hopefully be reviewing it soon (liked the story, but....... URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and after Christmas my time has been divided between playing wii-u and reading. Yesterday at the store I got some stuff including legend of Zelda: wind waked for wii-u, so that trend will continue. I also got some disney Princess ornaments to make a wreath for my door. Which will stay up all year, not just Christmas. Boo-yah! Cause disney. I'll take some pictures of it when it's done. I also have to take pictures of my longboard, but we just ordered trucks, so, I guess when they're on. I also got an avengers blanket that came in a captain America/iron man tote bag! Some girls have designer bags, I have superhero. Anyways, that's what's been up. Tomorrow, I will be going to the mall and watching unbroken (I will review that also) and then my home group friends from when I was younger will be coming over. Yay! :-)
After that it's gonna be New Years eve, I think... Wow.... Goodbye 2014. But, not yet. Time to end his year with a bang!
Geek out!
Raven DeWitt

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