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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Wow, I finally have a free second to breathe! Done with my japanese for the week, and (mostly) caught up on homework. I have a little history, but the books like 20000000000000 pounds so I don't wanna get it out quite yet (okay, like 10-20, but whatever). I feel like I need to catch you up to my life. Ooh boy, it's been way more life like and waaaayyyy less... My life-life. It'll take some getting used to, but I will survive (or die trying). I had to clean my room Saturday and Sunday and buy presents for my friends and yeah. Sorry! Robotics was fun Monday and Tuesday. Time consuming, and we aren't even working on the robot yet! We don't have this years challenge so we're building a cart to get a feel for the equipment and metals shop. The people there are nice and fun to hangout with, and it's pretty nice to hangout with people who basically say out loud the jokes I said in my head or get the obscure references I spew out every fifteen seconds.
Yesterday I went to woodshop for fuel and I started on a bowl. Oddly enough, I didn't have time to finish it, but I have it next week. I'm still 1/2 of the entire female population there and the next one (who's also 1/3 of the people I've said more than five words to there) isn't going to be there next week. I also, along with a bowl for my Mimi (grandma; そぼ) I wanna make my mom a bangle. I also totally got to talk to my crush (sorry, this might get kinda girly cause well... Emotions. Ew) and it was really nice. Seriously, it's awesome to have conversations about doctor who and Naruto (I was wearing my t with their head but no facial features, the Um.... Distinguishing features on their face| I think I can find it in my heart to forgive him for a- knowing who Gaara is but not his name, b- not knowing katashi's name but knowing he's the sensei and c- getting itachi and sasuke mixed up on a tshirt without their eyes, noses or mouths or anything. Itachi has the hesdband and Lines by his eyes, sasuke just has black hair btw). So I definantly had fun.
Tonight I have an orchestra concert. Whoo. I also have to make cookie dough for Friday, my annual Christmas cookie party after Chem club. See? Busy week. But so worth it. And now, as a special treat, my friend July wrote a poem and stuff in English that inspired me. Here's hers; basically they had to look at the title of a poem and write a poem based off the title before reading the poem, and I was inspired to write one, based off her poem title. Here's mine (make fun of me for it and die; criticism excepted, just plain old boring hate from a pms-ing cat person isn't) :A man I used to know

There was a man I used to know
And get excited when I saw him
Heart flutters when he talked
And feel like time would stop

There was a man I used to know
And I got less excited
my heart stopped fluttering
And time moved on

There was a man I used to know
And I knew him less
Or maybe too well
And everything seemed to change

There was a man I used to know
And then I didn't
Because he wasn't him
And I wasn't me

Raven DeWitt


  1. That's a sweet poem dude! And also, can't wait for robotics competitions with you... Gonna be a party! Also, good luck for woodshop! Also, Can't wait for the cookie party! ALSO BYE!

    1. Also thanks, I liked yours too! Also, totally excited! For all three!


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