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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Bilbo is one of the greats

Since the hobbit part 3: a battle of five armies comes out TOMORROW (I can't see it til like Friday :/) I'm gonna do a very special post; reasons why Bilbo is one of the best heroes ever. One of, not the though. Anywho....

1: he reads
Seriously. Good heroes are heroic; great heroes are nerds. 

2: he stands up to death. 
In dragon form, of course. But ya know... Semantics. I think. Depends on what semantics means. Smaaug even says "I am fire... I am... Death"

3: swords are named for the great deeds they do in battle, and he gets to name a sword.
It is NOT a letter opener.

4: hes a quick thinker. 
The dwarves a little less so. From trolls to dragons, bilbo knows just what to say. I betcha #1 helped him with that.

5: courage
 the whole courage of little things by gandalf and hobbits still surprising a couple hundred (or thousand) year old dwarf

Now, if you'll excuse me.....
Sorry, had to ;)


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